About Us

CMSnews.org was created in July 2003 as a way to keep tabs on the rapid evolution of Content Management Systems and the market they have created. By reducing or eliminating the technical barrier that stands between a potential publisher and the worldwide audience of the Internet, Content Management Systems have ushered in a new era of self-publishing. By taking the power of distribution from the few and the powerful and granting it to anyone with access to a computer, Content Management Systems have revolutionized the way that humans interact with each other and their respective societies.

We here at CMSnews.org believe in the basic human right of self-expression and the power that comes with the ability to speak to a worldwide audience. By following, reporting on, and evangelizing the technology behind this populist revolution, CMSnews.org can help to further the agenda of those who wish to speak freely to all wishing to listen.

CMSWe can offer you a variety of service to improve your website, and also your business. CMSnews.org believe that content management is one of the most crucial elements in the business structure. That’s why our company has created useful solution and technique to help them present their content and products most appropriately.

We will destroy all barriers standing between you and your customers, helping you show your potential and services you have to offer. With our content management solutions, you will draw traffic to your site and organize your business in a matter of weeks.