Doug Bartholomew chimes in with an interesting look at enterprise content management and how it is becoming the latest must-have at the enterprise level. Instead of controlling solely their web properties, companies like Bechtel Corp. of San Francisco use an ECM system internally to gain easy access to business-critical documents. This includes plant manuals, contracts, data sheets for construction components and designs. These can be documents in Microsoft Word format, PDF files, CAD drawings or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. “The format is immaterial,” Delahoussaye says. “The important thing is to deliver that content to the appropriate audience in a timely fashion.”

Enterprise Content Management
This market is blisteringly hot right now, with analysts expecting a $500M investment in ECM this year alone. Of course, this article also touches on a new player into the ECM game, Microsoft. Their InfoPath software covers some aspects of ECM and is bundled with their next version of Office Professional Enterprise Edition. In the last couple of years, we have been witnesses of a global expansion of content management systems. They are not only crucial for corporate websites, but also for people who intend to blog. With their use, it more comfortable to organize your site and let the information go through all corporate levels, without making separate changes. In this way, your employees will be notified of adjustments.

Considering its popularity, a lot of people and business owners are debating which CMS they should choose. But, before you make a final decision, you should review why do you need CMS. The main reason why content management system is used is due to its simplicity. You aren’t required to be s CMS expert to be able to operate it. The content management system will make creating and editing of content simple and straightforward. Usually, developers forget the primary purpose of CMS, and they demand more from this system and end up ruining everything. Content doesn’t always include articles because sometimes the content you need on your site is a contact form or user authentication system. That’s why you need to find the CMS that offers functionality, without jeopardizing other elements of your website.

As always, we will be watching as this market grows and expands.

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