The websites are built with databases, and you should think of them as massive, complicated Excel sheets. On the other hand, instead of logging into servers and trying to make changes one field at the time, a group of developers have created content management systems. CMS can help you communicate quickly and efficiently with a particular database, using secure and user-friendly interface. In most cases, companies and communities manage CMS’s and they are updated as the web evolves. This guide is an introduction to types of CMS’s and how you can use each platform.


These systems are free to use, and the public is welcomed to contribute to their improving.

WordPress – the WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. When it comes to blogging, this is number one system in the world. It supports thousands of themes and plugins which can match any types of websites.

Cloud computing technology concept with white fluffy clouds next to the laptop. Mans hands typing the the keyboard uploading data, on a wooden table.Joomla – another popular system on the market. Many companies such as eBay, Barnes & Noble and Pizza Hut use Joomla. This CMS’s is excellent for many sites because it has multi-lingual capabilities and reliable security.

Drupal – Drupal is older than WordPress and Joomla together, and it’s also known to be more challenging to set up because of its high flexibility in languages, security, and modules.


Squarespace – considering the recent upgrade to version 6, this CMS will offer you everything you need to build an excellent website. Squarespace contains beautiful templates, outstanding customer support, unique CMS, and social interaction. This can be an excellent choice for graphic designers, photographers, and bloggers.

Expression Engine – if you plan to plan to build a corporate website, then Expression Engine should be a popular choice for you. It is excellent for data-driven products.

LightCMS – a quickly-growing private company based in Oklahoma has become one of the leaders in the market. They offer an affiliate program, white-labeling, and fully-customized templates. This is an excellent option for the web designers when they are building sites.

These are just some of the choices you can explore, but, depending on your purpose, you should select the CMS’s that suits your needs the most.




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