A content management system is a backbone of every successful website. It separates your website’s code from the content, organizing your site’s information. The web administrators can log into administration interface. In this case, updating content is very easy. Updating documents is very convenient thanks to CMS. Considering all the advantages of CMS, there are several misconceptions that site owners often discuss.

The CMS can determine the website’s success

Your site’s content will decide whether the site is successful or not. The CMS doesn’t have the saying in this. The CMS is only the tool that manages your visitors and their demand for information. For example, many popular sites use a variety of CMSs to build their success. Before you decide for one option, you need to select the CMS that will meet your needs. But, keep in mind that the quality of content will determine the success or the failure of your website and keep bringing visitors back.

The CMS can determine the sites UI/UX

Each CMS has different elements and functionality presents. But, your website isn’t fixed to these presents. If you have even the slightest knowledge of CCS, JavaScript, and PHP, then you can customize the CMS and achieve a personalized UI and UX. Even though, the personalization requires direct access of a web developer, the idea that your CMS determines your site’s layout is correct.

User-friendly is less professional

Apparently, this statement is false. The CMS’s simplicity in use usually refers to its administrative pages. This is a hidden section, where administrators and content editors make changes of the content in improve the quality of your web page. You should know that these administrative pages are only accessible after developers log into the CMS, using the appropriate account and permissions.

It is easy to hack

A lot of vulnerabilities are uncovered every day and developers are working hard to cover all the basis. For example, if you are using an open-course CMS, the number of web developers working on these systems will fix your issues even before the public is aware of the problem.


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