Many people take blogging seriously. If this is your profession, then you need to build a professional blog. Depending on topics and fields you are exploring, your blog should contain relevant information in order to reach the audience. Many bloggers focus on design, which is not a wrong thing to do. But, the content should prevail, after all, if visitors don’t like your writing style and data you provide, then your blog won’t be too successful. Once you’ve set your priorities, then next question which imposes is: what content management system you should use? Well, we have several picks for you.


There is a reason why so many bloggers choose this platform for their blog. First of all, it’s quick and easy to set up, it allows you to organize the content and digital assets, and it has a simple admin panel to boot. However, the main advantage of WordPress is its flexibility. Considering this is the most popular CMS in the world, you can choose between thousands of templates and plugins, to make your site unique for visitors. Some of the WordPress plugins can be used to extend its functionality, which allows you to create online shops.


Ghost was launched in 2013, and it’s still new to users. But, its reputation is growing fast. From the beginning, this system is built for bloggers, and the admin panel is just stunning. The Ghost shows neat dashboard widgets that present website stats elegantly. Even though you can create a beautiful interface using this system, the Ghost also has one significant advantage. It maintains a broad focus on content creation, which should be the most relevant fact here. The Ghost is really designed for bloggers and help them present their work in the best spotlight.


Even though this system was created in 2001, two years before WordPress, many developers think of MovableType as WordPress’ little cousin. Its interface resembles WordPress in many ways, and it even feels and works in the same way. MovableType will provide you a wide selection of templates and plugins, and it also has multi-site publishing capability. All these features make MovableType a very powerful tool for blogs and magazine websites. Considering that HuffingtonPost and Gothamist use this CMS, we can easily recommend it to anyone who wants to have a successful and reliable blog. You just have to give it a try.

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